“The more I learn, the more I realize how much I don’t know.”

– Albert Einstein

Hello, my name is Isak Hallberg.

I am a 26 year old student from Sweden that currently is in his last year of a Master in Civil Engineering Biotechnology.
In my spare time I love being with my family, partaking in photography/videography/anything related to creativity, working out, being present in nature, devouring books/movies and learning – no matter the subject. I also do a lot of writing, both in and out of school, as I freelanced as a ghostwriter creating SOPs (Statement of Purpose) to well renowned universites world wide during 2022. The science behind nutrition and the art of resistance training is also very close to my heart.

2023 – the year that marks my first decade using DSLRs.

Sure, I was using a basic point-and-shoot long before that but it was when I turned 16 in 2013 when I got my first Canon DSLR (600D) and my interest and potential in photography and videography really took off. Since then photography has both been my hobby and my side-hustle, freelancing as a photographer and videographer next to studying and or working. It is something special with being able to express oneself in a visual manner, wether that being capturing a part of reality and presenting it in your unique way or letting your creativity flow in designing patterns, logotypes or websites. Basically boiling down the essence of your existence, your experiences, your impressions, thoughts and feelings into what you righ there and then want to convey. I often find myself inspired by classicism or renaissance art and try to include soft lighting techniques and subtle details in my images.


I love spending time in nature, thus making nature and animals one of my more prominent motifs to shoot, I also find that I get very focused on the present moment when I hike out and try to find scenery that appeals to me which I see as an added bonus. But, as the multi-facetted creator I am, I also shoot portraits, landscapes, drone shots, commercials, product photos, architecture and basically all things related to Design – in both still and moving image format. Being a true editing-aficionado has also led me to learn the Adobe Suite (AE, PS, LR, PrPro, ID, AI) as well as Davinci Resolve.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me regarding any projects (in both Swedish and in English), as I truly love what I am doing I think we can figure something out benefiting the both of us. In short I do photography, videography, website design, logotypes, motion graphics, pattern design, editing, writing, colorgrading and projects related to studying and my education in biotechnology.

If you resonate with my thinking and want to follow me you can find my personal Instagram account below.


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